Comfortable Thermo Hiking socks KAMZIK

Sports functional thermal sock

Comfort for your feet.


53% cotton,

38% polypropylene Prolen Siltex,

9% elastane

Cotton is on the outside of the sock, polypropylene is on the inside so that it is on the skin - i.e. to fulfill its main role, which is to absorb sweat from the skin into the sock and keep the foot dry and warm.

ℹ The Prolen® fiber has a cetrificate according to Oekotex Standard 100 class 1, suitable for the production of baby clothes and meets strict human-ecological requirements

Color: Cyan
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It's not just a socks

Your feet deserve something more

Each part has its own meaning

The details matter

Focused on your health

Prolen is a polypropylene fiber that has been produced in Slovakia since 1970. This fiber is characterized by excellent thermal insulation properties, as well as the speed of moisture removal from the skin to the environment.

At the same time, the Prolen® fiber retains its color and the specially dyed fiber does not endanger your health. Since the skin is the largest organ of the human body, it easily absorbs toxic substances. That's why we aim to provide a high-quality fiber that even people with the most sensitive skin can wear on a daily basis.

Durable, comfortable, wide temperature regulation

The socks easily adapt to your foot. They keep warm, but at the same time the leg does not sweat during hiking or normal wear.

Emphasis is placed on the fact that the socks are precisely processed so that they do not cause pressure in shoes, sneakers or bare feet

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  • Sisa Blahušiaková

    My experience from the 345 km "Race from the Tatras to the Danube" and my training with runners and Nordic walking clients have led me to believe that quality equipment is an invaluable partner in sports.Nordic Walking carbon poles KAMZIK Slovensko became my faithful companions during this demanding run, helping me maintain performance and comfort.Now I recommend them not only to my clients, but to everyone who is looking for a reliable tool to improve their sports performance.

  • Martin Franc

    As a 30-year-old sportsman and programmer, I tried the 3-piece duralumin trekking poles from KAMZIK | SLOVAKIA during my Štefánik Trail challenge where I faced steep climbs and descents with more weight on my shoulders.These telescopic walking sticks with ground cork handle and wrist strap have become reliable companions.Their adjustable length, lightness, and comfortable handle helped maintain comfort and efficiency during a demanding trek.Additionally, the weight of the poles was key for me when carrying the gear.They are Slovak products that I recommend to anyone looking for reliable and light trekking poles for various terrains.

  • Testimonial

    I would like to share my positive experience with Nordic Walking carbon poles from KAMZIK Slovakia, which were willingly produced with the Amazon's own logo.In addition to their technical parameters, I want to emphasize how these sticks are actively used by "Amazons" - women fighting breast cancer.For many of them, they have become an important tool during their treatment.Nordic Walking helps maintain an active lifestyle and provides them with physical and emotional support during the challenging journey of treatment.These sticks help the "Amazons" to improve their physical condition, strengthen the immune system and increase the overall quality of life.Cooperation with the manufacturer KAMZIK Slovakia and the possibility of customizing sticks with the Amazon logo is extremely encouraging and symbolic for these women.I am proud to recommend these sticks, which not only support a healthy lifestyle, but also contribute to the spiritual strength and determination of the "Amazons" in their fight against breast cancer.