Which hiking poles are best for you?

Milan Sanitra
We all know it well. When packing for a hike, many of us reach for trekking poles in addition to water and spare clothes. However, the choice of poles that will accompany you through the mountains should not be random. Wondering how to choose the right ones for you? In this article, we bring you some tips on how to do that.

What length of sticks is suitable for you?

This can greatly affect your overall feeling of the hike. It should be remembered that when holding the clubs, your arm should form a right angle with your forearm. This position will ensure the avoidance of pain and a comfortable exit. When you want to get clubs through online shopping, it goes without saying that you can't try the hold like you can in a brick and mortar store. We therefore recommend that you take into account the dimension given for each product, which indicates the maximum length to which the poles can be adjusted. Wondering how to find the right length for you? The old golden rule says that the poles should be 50 cm shorter than your height. So, if you measure 180 cm, 130-centimeter poles might suit you.

What is the stick made of?

Furthermore, it can also be important what material the handle that suits you best should be made of. In this regard, the rule of one hundred people, one hundred tastes applies. however, it is appropriate to emphasize the logical fact that higher quality materials also increase the price of the product. You can choose from three basic materials: rubber, foam or cork, and some handles combine more materials. Our sticks have a cork handle that quickly absorbs moisture so you can always have a firm grip.

If you consider the above, then all that remains is to answer the question of what you will require from your future clubs. Among their basic functions is, for example, the fact that they will help you overcome different terrains, involve the upper part of your body in movement or provide you with stability when climbing or descending. However, in addition to these, sticks can also have other functions, and these divide them into different types. If their storability is important to you and you want them to fit easily in your backpack, for example, then you should reach for telescopic or folding poles. If size doesn't matter to you, you might want clubs that are lightweight, lightweight, and don't hinder dynamic output. It all depends on your requirements.

Now that you know how to choose the right poles, you can choose your dream from our offer, either according to the function of the poles, the materials used and, last but not least, also according to the design, which we also pay a lot of attention to. Choose them immediately for the next hike wherever you go, be functional and stylish.

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